How does licensing work?

You pick the assessments you want for your website and pay an upfront fee. You can then choose annual maintenance to recieve updates made to your assessments, which is billed annually. There are NO per assessment fees. We setup the templates to match your website, and provide an installation package to your technical team. We can also provide remote installation services for you as well.

How does the subscription service work?

You pick the assessments you want for your website and pay an initial setup fee and the first quarter estimated user fee. You are then billed quarterly for the number of members you have. There are NO per assessment fees, members can take as many of the assessments as many times as they want. We setup the templates to match your website, and provide a link for your site (usually http://yoursite.hra.net). Once members begin taking assessments you will be given a special login which allows you access to the group reports, which you may run at any time, at no cost.

How often are the assessments updated?

We provide updates usually about twice a year. Mortality information is collected from the CDC once a year, this updates the results for all three of the disease assessments. We review new findings and recommendations made by the U.S. Surgeon General, government agencies, nationally recognized committees and non-profit organizations. If modifications to recommendations or our baseline values are warranted, updates are scheduled after our standard testing cycles.

What about URAC or NCQA certification?

Many of the sites that HealthStatus assessments appear on are URAC certified. We can provide you with the scientific documentation and our process information you need to supply as part of the certification process.

Do you provide paper based or laptop assessment solutions?

We can, but that is not our strength. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Can the assessments be customized?

We are more than happy to customize the assessments. Our software design enables us to change the look, the links, the messages and even the language to be changed with configuration files and templates. This makes customization very cost effective for you. Of course we require any message or recommendation changes to be backed up by sound medical research.

Do you need access to my site?

It is really up to you and the talent/experience of your technical team. Things go faster when we can set them up on your server, but we totally understand the privacy and security issues.

Our system already requires the user to register, do they have to register again to use the assessments?

This depends greatly on your registration system. So far we have been able to integrate with every registration system thrown at us, sometimes this does require your technical team to add some coding.

Do users have to register or login to use the assessments?

No it is not required. However, if you want to provide the user the ability to come back and review assessments they have previously taken there will have to be some sort of login/password system in place. Our software comes with a simple registration system that works with the assessment software, or we can integrate with your registration system.

What report formats do you offer?

Output from all the assessments can be in either HTML (web based), Portable Document Format (PDF), or XML. An optional module is available to output to Microsoft Excel worksheets.


"From a consumer perspective, the online risk assessment tool by HealthStatus is user friendly. It's easy to read as its written in a very simple yet clear form. The analysis it provides to the user provides enough starting point for a dialogue should he/she go to the physician. I highly recommend HealthStatus to other health care facilities as a resource for the consumer. "

-K. Bada - Good Samaritan Hospital